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Extended opening hours for gym? (Or better still 24-hour gym

Postby Ming » 2017 Nov 13 Mon, 10:39 am

Hi. Is it possible to extend the opening hours of the gym to be from 6am to 11pm? The reason for asking is if we spend, say, 90 minutes in the gym but work from 9am to 8pm on Hong Kong Island, then it is impossible for us to use the gym either in the mornings or in the evenings because of its relatively short opening hours.

If the issue is lack of staff, since a staff member is frequently not in the gym anyway, is it not possible to have the gym opened at 6am anyway by a regular security person and then have the gym staff come in at 7am as usual anyway? That would still allow residents to make use of the gym from 6am. (And similarly in the evening.)

Even better, does a gym staff member need to be physically present all the time anyway, given we have 24-hour security people working at this estate? If not, can we please make the gym open 24-hours? (Since many of us who live in Hong Kong need to travel overseas for business or personal trips, the ability to visit the gym even in the middle of the night is a great way to help overcome insomnia or jetlag.)

Could this idea be considered please?

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Re: Extended opening hours for gym? (Or better still 24-hour

Postby RLH » 2017 Nov 20 Mon, 9:06 pm

I think it is a good idea too.
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Re: Extended opening hours for gym? (Or better still 24-hour

Postby 會所 » 2017 Dec 04 Mon, 12:39 pm

Dear Ming,

Thank you for your valuable opinion regarding the captioned matter. We would like to reply as follow:

We recommend residents when using gym facilities under our staff on duty time due to safety reaon so that we can provide support and assistance to residents if necessary just in case. On the other hand, we regret to arrange extra night-shift security staff to take into account the gymnasium owing to lack of night-shift manpower.

The opening hour of gymnasium is from 7am to 10pm (totally 15 hours) that is same as the nearby estates. According to the record from the past few years, the usage rate of gymnasium is relatively lower especially at the early morninig and after nine. Therefore, with the consideration of cost effective we keep the captioned opening period as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience that may cause.

Once again thank you for your valuable advice.Should you have any query or assistance, please contact our Clubhouse staff at 2608 5012.

La Costa Customer Service Office
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Re: Extended opening hours for gym? (Or better still 24-hour

Postby resident » 2017 Dec 17 Sun, 12:57 am

I do support the idea of extending the gym operating hours. The existing 7am to 10 pm isn’t realistic to normal business resident

Low utility rate doesn’t mean there is not such a need

I would say every night from 8-9, the running machine is pretty busy and very often resident have to queue and wait. With the extended operating hours, the rush time after dinner could be ease.

Also, is it possible to adopt the practice of the public gym managed by the government? Users have to register a license before using the gym facilities and undertake all liabilities and responsibilities

One more point- you mentioned for the sake of safety, there should be staff members on duty. But I would say very often the gym room is not manned....this contradict with your claimed practice. And most importantly, are the staff members competent person? I doubt if they have undergone the relevant training or have the required knowledge
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Re: Extended opening hours for gym? (Or better still 24-hour

Postby KT » 2018 Oct 25 Thu, 4:31 pm

I do support the idea of extending the service hour of gym room. Hope that it can be put forward step by step, like trying 6am-11pm as a start and test the response.
I really believe many residents would like to use the gym facilities before or after normal working hour in HK.
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