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English magazine

Postby YuMoBor » 2018 Jul 31 Tue, 4:13 pm

Just wonder if there can be more English magazine like Bloomberg, Times etc.

Moreover, just wonder if ipad version of electronic version of magazine and newspaper more environmental friendly and economical.

Thirdly, I noticed that there are VR game centre in the wegomall. Can that be installed in the Function room so that our kids can play games in the room?
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Re: English magazine

Postby JT » 2018 Jul 31 Tue, 4:59 pm

本人認為設施以普及,成本效益,便民為基礎。如增加設施要增加管理費,本人不同意。會所不是個人化地方,我老人家根本不懂電子書,VR遊戲等……如業户有需要看專業書刊,應自費訂閱。要玩VR, 去商場付款玩便可以了。
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Re: English magazine

Postby YuMoBor » 2018 Aug 04 Sat, 7:51 am

There are foreigner in the estate and need to balance their interest and provide choices.

The VR shop in the mall is not sustainable. It add values to the estate and increase the market competition in case any owner of the house would like to sell their property.

There is no point to continue subscribe a particular magazine but rather rotate among the possible options available in the market to include Chinese/English; children/adult; business/lesiure.

Electronic magazine using iPAD should also be considered since I think it is environmental friendly and has audio as well.
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