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Postby R » 2018 May 07 Mon, 1:39 pm

The ventilation in the toilet is rly bad. I could hardly feel the exhaust fan is working even its on.

I wish to install a 浴室寶 to improve the ventilation. Anyone with experience can advise me on this issue or even direct me to someone to help me installing one?

You advice or help is much appreciated.

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Re: 浴室寶

Postby M » 2018 May 09 Wed, 11:32 am

要睇你邊個單位,首先要CHECK返去TOILET 個條線同個電箱位夠唔夠A數。如果可行,要開假天花,拆左原底個抽風機,喺天花度礸窿上4粒撞爆羅絲,吊4條絲桿吊起個浴室寶,電線用返抽風機嗰條,氣喉都應該用得返。
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